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The CMC 60HD+ Arbor Pro is a tracked aerial lift that has a working height of 62 feet. The “spider leg” outriggers provide stability across terrains and can be folded up, making the 60HD only 35 inches wide. Designed for tree care, the CMC 60HD Arbor Pro track lift is easy to control yet incredibly stable and reliable. Now available in Canada for tree care!
Some highlights:

  • 62 ft working height
  • p to 38 ft lateral outreach
  • 5″ wide (can enter virtually any doorway)
  • Single-man aluminum basket
  • 85 lb basket capacity
  • ulti-setup outriggers: wide or narrow
  • imple all hydraulic controls
  • ingle-handed operation
  • Designed specifically for tree care
  • adio Remote Controls
  • 12V Battery backup
  • Automatic chassis leveling

Rental Rates

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  • Month
$1,152.00 CAD
$2,448.00 CAD
$6,480.00 CAD

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Rent or Buy the CMC 60HD in Canada

CanLift has the CMC 60HD Arbor Pro for sale, lease or rent in Canada. Engineered for top-of-the-line stability and performance in the small size possible, the 60HD lift can reach working heights of 62 feet and has a lateral outreach of 38 feet. CanLift has CMC Equipment available for lease or purchase, including the 60HD Arbor Pro. Contact us for a free quote or to learn more about our rental and lease options for the CMC 60 HD tracked lift.

CMC 60HD Arbor Pro Features

The CMC 60HD Arbor Pro aerial lift is designed for tree care. With a multi-setup outrigging system and automatic chassis levelling, the 60HD can adapt to terrain and conditions to provide stability using a wide setup or narrow. The single-man aluminum basket has controls that can be operated with one hand, and the 60HD Arbor Pro also has radio remote controls for flexibility across various jobs. Since the CMC 60 Arbor Pro is designed specifically for tree care, it includes advanced safety and maintenance features so operators can focus on their projects.

Transporting & Storing the CMC 60HD

One of the main reasons the 60HD Arbor Pro is a popular choice for arborists and beyond is the multi-outrigger system. The “spider legs” provide stability (even on uneven terrain) and they let the operator choose the optimal placement of the CMC 60 HD lift. When the 60HD is not in use, the outriggers can be folded up for convenient transport or storage. Compared to conventional aerial lifts, the CMC 60HD Arbor Pro weighs less and is more convenient for tight spaces.

CMC Arbor Pro 60 for Sale or Rent

Buy or lease the CMC 60HD Arbor Pro in Canada from CanLift. We have a wide range of aerial lifts available, so you can choose the size or type that matches your needs. With flexible financing options, you can add the CMC 60 Arbor Pro to your fleet as soon as possible while preserving your cash flow. Our customer service team can help you choose the most suitable equipment for your needs, no matter if you need a CMC 60HD Arbor Pro for tree care or other uses. Contact us for a quote and get more information about the CMC 60HD Arbor Pro price.


Boom Lift
Operating Weight
6,200 lbs
Lift Capacity
485 lbs
Working Height
62 ft
Platform Height
56 ft
Horizontal Reach
38 ft
Product 4x4


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