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The Genie 3232 self-propelled scissor lift has an industry-leading battery runtime and powerful AC motors that provide excellent maneuverability. With a working height of 37 feet, the Genie GS3232 is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor maintenance applications. Rent or buy the Genie 3232 in Canada from CanLift. More product info:

  • Industry-leading battery runtime with powerful AC electric drive motors
  • Easy to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Automatic leveling hydraulic outriggers level machine on slopes up to 5˚
  • 25% gradeability with 14° breakover angle to easily get up slopes and loading ramps
  • Large platform workspace with 36 in (0.91 m) roll-out platform extension

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GS-3232 Scissor Lift from Genie

CanLift has the Genie GS-3232 for sale and rent in Canada. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor job sites, the Genie 3232 E-Drive can reach heights of 37 feet and can lift up to 500 lbs. The AC electric motors provide reliable and quiet operation – all with low noise and no emissions. You can expect the Genie GS-3232 to maneuver with ease, even in tight spaces and on slopes and loading ramps. The Genie 3232 lift has a gradeability of 25% with a 14-degree breakover angle. See below for the full specifications of the Genie 3232 scissor lift.

Popular Features of the Genie GS-3232 Lift

The Genie GS-3232 doesn’t sacrifice convenience for quiet operation. Its powerful AC electric drive motors allow for stable movements, even while the platform is raised. The Genie 3232 has an industry-leading battery runtime along with a universal smart charger. There are four outriggers, enabling stability of the Genie GS3232 on slopes up to 5 degrees. Although the GS-3232 scissor lift can fit through doorways, it has an extendable platform to improve its reach and productivity. Genie lifts are the top pick for reliable indoor and outdoor aerial lifts, and the GS 3232 scissor lift is no exception.

Genie 3232 for Sale and Rent in Canada

Get the Genie GS-3232 E-Drive slab scissor lift in Canada from CanLift. We offer quick delivery and flexible financing options, so you can add the Genie 3232 to your fleet as soon as possible. If you need a scissor lift for a short-term job, then inquire into our GS-3232 scissor lift rental options. CanLift has operators standing by to provide more information and pricing on the Genie GS-3232 slab scissor lift.


Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
5,185 lbs
Lift Capacity
500 lbs
Working Height
37 ft
Platform Height
31 ft
Dimension Width
2' 8"
Dimension Length
8 ft


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