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The Haulotte Bil-Jax 4527A is a trailer mounted boom lift that you can tow from job to job. It comes with automatic levelling and hydraulic outriggers. Lease or buy a Bil-Jax 4527A from CanLift.

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Bil-Jax 4527A For Sale from CanLift

Branded as the Haulotte Bil-Jax 4527A, this towable articulating boom lift is about as versatile as lifting equipment gets. In fact, it’s just as at home working in a clean indoor environment such as an airport building as it is in a congested outdoor area such as a construction site or industrial factory setting. As such it would suit the needs of a wide variety of trades and industries. Compact and lightweight, it can easily hook up to a wide variety of vehicles ready to be towed to a working site. When you arrive, the Bil Jax 4527A can be set up and ready to go in seconds. Easy to stow, it really is the ideal lifting equipment for those quick turn-around tasks. Learn more about the Haulotte Bil-Jax 4527A towable lift from CanLift.

Working Details of the Haulotte Bi- Jax 4527A Articulating Boom Lift

If you’re looking for a portable and versatile piece of lifting equipment to suit the demanding needs of your business then why not consider this Biljax 4527A (HTA 16P) towable articulating boom lift from Haulotte. Branded as Biljax its compact and lightweight design allows it to be towed to where it needs to be both easily and efficiently. Once there the working platform (carrying up to 500lbs) can be raised to a height of 45ft. The self-leveling platform means that the boom can be raised on uneven ground without fear of tilting and the easy to use controls ensure inch-perfect positioning. Powered by 4 x 6V 245 Amp/h batteries they’re designed to have a long life cycle, and the on-board hour and battery condition indicator ensure that you’ll never run out of charge halfway through a task. Portable enough to be stowed away in a relatively small space, but versatile enough to handle a wide variety of high-level working tasks the Biljax 4527A (HTA 16P) towable boom lift from Haulotte offers the perfect solution.

Buy or Lease the Hil-Jax 4527A

Although we believe that we offer seriously competitive prices, we know that lifting equipment doesn’t come cheap. For this reason, you need to know that you’re purchasing the right equipment for your business needs. This is where we come in. CanLift have been selling a wide variety of quality lifting equipment for many years and as such is very knowledgeable about all of the products on our site. With this in mind, we can advise you on all aspects of this HTA 16P towable articulating boom lift so that you can make an informed buying decision. Why not contact us today. Our friendly and experienced staff are standing by to help you lease or buy a Haulotte Hil-Jax 4527A.


Boom Lift
Operating Weight
4,200 lbs
Lift Capacity
500 lbs
Working Height
45 ft
Platform Height
39 ft
Horizontal Reach
27 ft
Dimension Width
5' 417"
Dimension Height
6' 417"
Dimension Length
19' 25"


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