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The Haulotte STAR 13 P is a vertical mast lift that is perfect for picking stock with heights up to 19 feet. This mast lift is nimble, yet it has the power to lift up to 400 lbs. It has an adjustable height picking tray and saloon-style doors.

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Star 13 P (Picking) Vertical Mast Lift – Overview

If ever there was a machine that was ideally suited to stock picking it has to be the Star 13P from Haulotte. This vertical mast lift comes with a 4 position, adjustable-height picking tray complete with weight sensor. With an overall width of just 2ft 3in, a tight turning radius of 4ft 11in, and zero tail swing, this compact but mighty vertical lift mast was born to work in tight spaces. With a lift reach of up to 19ft and a lift capacity of 400lbs, it makes light work of  picking stock from those hard-to-access areas.

Haulotte Star 13P – Making the Job Easy

You’ve probably guessed by now that the ‘P’ stands for picking, and as a result the Star 13P from Haulotte offers exceptional ‘on-the-job’ productivity. Its responsive controls means that it can turn on a dime, while the machine is fully drivable at extended platform height, thus making it easy to  manoeuvre in and out of bays. As opposed to traditional gate-style access that most lifting platforms have, the Star 13P is fitted with saloon-style doors for quicker entry and exit. Finally this vertical lift is fitted with long-life 24 volt batteries, to enable lengthier working cycles between charges.

Haulotte Star 13 Picking Vertical Mast Lift – Reliable, Versatile and Nimble

Haulotte have a proven track record of making reliable well-manufactured pieces of machinery and this is no exception. It comes fitted with non-marking tires and a quiet electric motor so it can be used in sterile warehouse environments such as electronics depots as well as normal warehouse environments. Finally, with a stowed height of just 5ft 5in and a minimal impression of 4ft 11in x 2 ft 6in, it really is designed to be nimble and agile. For its size the Haulotte Star 13P vertical mast lift punches way above its weight and as such, it’s the perfect addition to any busy warehouse operation.

Star 13P Vertical Mast Lift – Buy From CanLift

At CanLift we offer a number of purchasing options in order to make it easy for you to get the equipment that you need to help your business. Contact us today if you’d like to speak to us about this or any other type of lifting equipment we have access to. We have an experienced team who are more than happy to discuss your options.


Vertical Lift
Operating Weight
1,808 lbs
Lift Capacity
400 lbs
Working Height
19 ft
Platform Height
13 ft
Dimension Width
2' 5"
Dimension Height
5' 417"
Dimension Length
4' 917"


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