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The MEC 2684-ES electric scissor lift from CanLift Equipment has Quad-Trax 4-wheel drive and automatic platform levelling, making this lift versatile on rough terrains. Contact CanLift to lease or buy the MEC 2684-ES scissor lift.

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2684ES Speed Level™ Sigma Lift from CanLift Equipment Ltd.

With its proportional drive and lift controls, eight 6-volt industrial deep cycle batteries and exceptional ground clearance on various terrains, the 2684ES Speed Level™ Sigma Lift is a popular choice of machinery among industry professionals and contractors. Automatic platform leveling capability ensures safety and stability on sloped and rough surfaces while the sheet loading entrances, fore, and aft, are large enough to accommodate materials of up to 48″. The Quad-Trax 4wd system offers up to 40% gradability for superior performance, speed, and control.

Specs for the 2684ES Speed Level™ Sigma Lift

When it comes to maintenance, this lift makes every aspect of the servicing process quicker and more convenient for the user. Bearings are self-lubricating and access to mechanical and electrical compartments is made easier than ever. The non-skid steel deck is constructed to offer enhanced safety and security, as are the multi-axis tilt sensor, motion alarm and dual automatic parking brake.

Common Uses for Model 2684ES Speed Level™ Sigma Lift

In the industries of construction, repair, and building maintenance, the ability to access incredibly high and inconveniently placed work sites is critical. The 2684ES Speed Level™ Sigma Lift allows users to work easily and efficiently at high altitudes, even when the surface below is sloped or rugged. Its 1,700-pound platform capacity allows for its user, multiple types of tools and equipment to be lifted to a height of 36 feet on any job site.

Products and Services from CanLift Equipment Ltd.

CanLift Equipment Ltd is the leading source of MEC Aerial Work Platforms and related equipment. In addition to the sale of high-power electric machinery, we are proud to offer professional repair services on site and in our shop. Our knowledgeable mechanical technicians and lift experts provide our clients with maintenance and repair service for all types of boom, scissor, and sigma lifts. CanLift Equipment Ltd sells MEC Aerial Work Platforms, related products, and accessories all over the world.


Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
8,100 lbs
Lift Capacity
1,700 lbs
Working Height
32 ft
Platform Height
26 ft
Product 4x4
Dimension Width
84 ft
Dimension Height
70 ft
Dimension Length
12' 5"


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