XCMG XC7-SV12 Skid Steer

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In early 2022, CanLift will be selling the new XCMG XC7-SV12 skid steer. The XC7-SV12 skid loader includes next-generation technology, including bi-directional levelling, intelligent controls and displays, and a powerful Yanmar engine for top performance. Request a quote today to buy or lease the XCMG XC7-SV12 skid steer.

  • Enginee: Yanmar
  • Working Pump: Permco
  • Travel Pump: Danfoss
  • Multi-way valve: Hesco
  • Travel Motor: Poclaim
  • Radiator: Yonghong
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XCMG XC7-SV12 Skid Loader Features

The XCMG XC7-SV12 skid steer is engineered for performance and reliability, making it a popular choice for many uses: construction, landscaping, snow removal, agriculture and more. With a diesel Yanmar engine, the XC7-SV12 has top performance across terrains and a lift capacity of over 2,700 lbs. This new skid steer features innovative technology, including bi-directional levelling, advanced controls, a digital monitoring system and intelligent displays. Operators prefer the XCMG XC7-SV12 because it combines performance with ease of use.

Safety of the XCMG XC7-SV12 Skid Steer

You can expect the XCMG XC7-SV12 skid steer provide reliable performance with top consideration for safety. The XC7-SV12 has a panoramic driving cab and the latest FOPS/ROPS safety features. With a real-time monitoring system, operators can stay on top of the complete operation of the XC7-SV12 skid steer. Maintenance access is convenient, ensuring your operators can conveniently maintain and fix the XC7-SV12 as needed.

XC7-SV12 Financing Options

CanLift offers flexible lease options for the XCMG XC7-SV12 skid steer. If you need a reliable and high-performance skid steer in your fleet, contact CanLift for more information on the XC7-SV12. Our customer service team can outline financing options for the skid steer, so you can save your cashflow while getting the equipment you need – as soon as possible. Request a free quote today from CanLift for the XCMG XC7-SV12 skid steer.


Skid Steer
Operating Weight
9,590 lbs
Lift Capacity
2,778 lbs
Net Power (hp)
Breakout Force (lbf)
Rated Load Capacity (ton)
Standard Bucket Capacity (yd³)
Product 4x4
Dimension Width
6 ft
Dimension Height
6' 8"
Dimension Length
9' 9"


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