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Monday, April 25th, 2022

CanLift Product Spotlight: XCMG Wheel Loaders

XC958U Wheel Loader

A Globally Manufactured Machine Designed for North America

CanLift is now carrying the XCMG new generation XC9 series intelligent wheel loader range. Try one today and you can and experience a reliable, performance machine at a lower price point than many other brands.

This is a globally manufactured machine designed for North America. Its major components, such as the engine, torque converter, axles and pumps are manufactured by global companies, such as Cummins, ZF and Danfoss and its engine meets international Stage V emissions standards.

XCMG (Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group) has a long history of serving the construction market and, last year, ranked third place in the KHL Group Yellow Table 2021 ranking of the world’s top 50 construction equipment manufacturers.

XCMG’s new generation intelligent control wheel loaders feature a modern, streamlined, and industrial exterior design, as well as the performance and technologies that have become popular on North American loaders.

The intelligent controls include a load-sensing feature that adjusts power based on the load; this saves energy, increases productivity and decreases operator-machine interaction, which lowers wear on the machine and operator fatigue.

Electronic controls improve accuracy and simplify processes. A proportional control system delivers reliable power and precise control. Digital gauges keep the operator informed of the machine’s status.

The loader’s powerful, high-torque, electronic-control diesel engine is also fuel-efficient; its maximum forward speeds range from 8 km/h to 40 km/h.

The machine features a body made for tough applications. Its heavy-duty, large-span front and rear articulated frame features a tapered roller bearing and its articulated pivots guarantee high firmness and durability.

The loaders feature a pressurized, low-noise, spacious, and ergonomic cab, which includes heat and air conditioning along with an ample amount of cabin filters, and panoramic glass for superior visibility.

The full-tilting cab and large-angle side opening hood allow for easy access to under-the-hood components for easy maintenance.

The line includes the XCMG XC938U, XCMG XC948U, and XCMG XC958U, all of which are available for purchase in Ontario through CanLift Equipment, who has the exclusive dealership rights to sales in Ontario for all XCMG earthmoving equipment.


The XCMG XC938U features a 2.5-cubic-yard (1.9-cubic-metre) bucket capable of handling loads up to 3.5 tons (3,200 kilograms) with precision, and loads can be dumped at a height of more than nine feet (nearly three metres). With a breakout force of 26,977 lb-ft, it can easily penetrate into a pile, regardless of material.

The XC938U weighs 29,100 pounds (13,200 kilograms), and its dimensions (approximately eight feet wide by 11 feet tall and 25 feet long (2.44 metres by 3.32 metres by 7.8 metres).

The loader’s 155 net hp is ample power for many applications and can adapt to various applications from flatbed truck loading to excavating to material handling to farming. Diverse attachments including a quick-change device for fast changeout of attachments. Auxiliary hydraulics provide the power needed to run hydraulically powered attachments, such as sweepers, mowers, and snowblowers.

XCMG XC948U and XC958U

The XCMG XC948U and XCMG XC958U have the same features, but in slightly larger packages. The XCMG XC948U features 200 net hp, a three-cubic-yard bucket with 4.5 tons (4,080 kilograms) of load capacity, and 30,349 lb-ft of breakout force. The XCMG XC958U features 225 net hp, a four-cubic-yard bucket with 5.5 tons (4,080 kilograms) of load capacity, and 39,341 lb-ft of breakout force.

The larger models are great for applications, such as general construction and smaller quarries, as well as all the applications mentioned above. All XCMG new generation series intelligent loaders are designed to perform and built to last.