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The Genie TZ-50 boom lift offers an industry-leading working envelope, trailer-mounted portability, an extension boom for up-and-over clearance, excellent horizontal reach, and a rotating self-leveling platform. You can order the 50 ft towable boom lift as a rental or a purchase. Contact us now to see if the Genie TZ-50 is right for your job.

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Canlift Equipment Ltd. is an authorized dealer for Genie. Please contact us for new lift equipment purchases or search our inventory for used Genie lifts.


The Genie TZ-50 Towable Boom Lift

If you are looking for a boom lift that’s portable, yet flexible enough to reach the most demanding of locations, then the Genie TZ-50 Towable Boom Lift will more than suit your needs. The Genie TZ-50 can easily be hitched on to the back of an SUV or a pick-up truck and maneuvered into position, allowing for a level of portability not available in a standard boom lift. Lightweight in design, and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor worksites, the Genie TZ-50 can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including slate, gymnasium floors and even on lawns.

Genie TZ-50 Key Features

The Genie TZ50 is an excellent piece of lift equipment that’s built with versatility in mind. Being a Z Lift, the Genie TZ-50 has excellent up-and-over capability (22ft) as well as outstanding horizontal reach (over 29ft) and a maximum working height of 55ft 6in. Easy to operate pictograph controls on the Genie TZ-50 ensure operators get to where they need to be quickly and efficiently. The 160-degree rotating platform as well as the 135-degree working range ensure that completing tasks at height will not lead to any issues. Compact and narrow in design, the Genie TZ-50 can easily get in and out of congested areas, meaning you won’t be limited in any way when it comes to choosing an appropriate worksite.

Genie TZ-50 Towable Boom Lift Options

The Genie TZ-50 has four 6V 225ah battery packs adding up to a total of 24V DC power. These packs can be accessed easily for charging, servicing and replacing. The Genie TZ-50’s automatic leveling system and self-leveling platform allow for high degree of safety, even while working on inclines (up to a 20% grade). Tilt alarm and motion sensors on the Genie TZ-50 ensure operators are safe and aware at all times.

Genie TZ-50 Booms in Stock at CanLift Equipment

Trailer-mounted Z-Booms are a versatile and efficient way of tackling any industrial high-level tasks and are therefore a popular choice for many businesses. CanLift Equipment has the Genie TZ-50 Towable Boom Lift in stock as well as many other types of boom lifts and other Genie lift equipment. Our knowledgeable staff can help with any and all questions you may have about the Genie TZ-50, as well as any of our many other great lifting products. If you are looking for a 50 ft towable lift rental, or you would like to purchase outright, contact CanLift to get a quote today.


Boom Lift
Operating Weight
4,400 lbs
Lift Capacity
500 lbs
Working Height
55 ft
Platform Height
49 ft
Horizontal Reach
29 ft
Dimension Width
5' 5"
Dimension Height
6' 583"
Dimension Length
23' 5"


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